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Vacancy: Service engineer
For more information: info@ctwcleaning.com
Company report CTW - How It's Done
A few weeks ago, CTW received the visit of the Dutch television channel RTL Z, regarding a ‘sector special’ about transport and tank cleaning systems. In the program “How It’s Done” the viewer is taken int...
New carwash for Car Wash Box S.R.L – Sibiu (Romania)
Installation of a new 6-piece car wash in Sibiu – Romania. The car wash consists of 5 covered wash boxes and 1 outdoor box. The entire structure is raised, so larger vehicles can be washed. There are also 2 vacuum...
For sale: mobile washing brush (2nd hands)
For this moment, there's one 2nd hand mobile washing brush for sale at a very economical price. Ideal for washing your trucks, buses, vans. Model: A225 D LX For more information:  Mail: info@ctwcleaning.com Tel:...
New mobile washing brush for GT-Foam in Weelde
Delivery of a new electrically powered mobile washing brush (101ST), ideal for washing their fleet.
CTW offers:  - Dispensers - Dispensers automatique - Gel desinfectant See pictures.