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Latest news

For sale: carwash in Gentbrugge
This carwash is located next to a very busy road. The operator wants to phase out activities because of age. For more information: 014 27 00 80 or info@ctwcleaning.com Location: Brusselsesteenweg 679 9050 Gentbrug...
New carwash for Sharky - Herentals
Installation of a 3-piece carwash, which is provided of the newest technologies in the carwash world. The next washing programs are present: rim cleaner, prewash, foam lance, foam pad, rinsing, hotwax, rinsing with...
New food cleaning for Prolavage - Angers (France)
CTW has installed a new food cleaning for the French company Prolavage. This cleaning is provided of two washing lanes that are equipped with trolleys, balancers, automatic valves, washing heads A80R, … The tech...
New Speedywash models
A225 CH: starts from € 13.500 626 EZ LH: starts from € 22.500 Pony LH: start from € 31.900 For more information, please contact: info@ctwcleaning.com or +32 (0) 14 27 00 80
New LP pump unit for Katoennatie – Gelsenkirchen (Germany)
New installation for the cleaning of silos. This double pump unit that consists of 2 frequency controlled pumps is provided of stainless steel centrifugal pumps 11KW x2, a work pressure of 7.5 bar, the maximum flowi...
For sale: self carwash in Gembloux
Self carwash with 4 covered washing boxes. There are 2 vacuum cleaners and a carpet-beater. Location: Rue de la Posterie 25 5030 Gembloux