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Vacancy: Service engineer
For more information: info@ctwcleaning.com
Available - carwash project in Halma/Wellin
Carwash project available with building / exploitation permit (20 year) Rental terrain: € 650 / month Location: Rue de Dinant, 6922 Halma / Wellin
CTW offers:  - Dispensers - Dispensers automatique - Gel desinfectant See pictures.
New Wheelwash - Sprimont
Wheelwash at Sprimont
New carwash – Fitwash - Wilrijk
The new self carwash consists of 6 washing boxes and 5 vacuum cleaner places. The clients can choose between the following washing programs: rim cleaner, prewash, foam lance, foam pad, rinsing, hot wax, rinsing with...
CTW sells tank cleaning in South-East Asia (Thailand)
After previous successful tank cleaning projects for Katoennatie in Antwerp (Belgium) & Gelsenkirchen (Germany), the plant of Katoennatie has decided to expand with a new CTW tank cleaning installation for the clean...